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1975 MICROMAN ZONE Microman-Zone : Machine Cars Series
Formula Z with M111, Auto Buggy with M113, Bull Crane with M122 and Super Jet with M124 (c.1975)


Machine Cars came package in a small box with side window displaying the included Microman figure.  The window was made into a shape of crystal prism.

Mego adopted the same style box when they imported Takara's Microman in 1976 and sold them as the Micronauts. Even though, the records show that US patent was apply for the M11X & M12X types, Mego decided to cut cost and included Time Traveler (M10X type) instead.   This is one of the reason for some of the strange decals because they were decals for the M11X & M12X figures.

Machine-Car Series (c.1975)

Machine Car toys were released in 1975 during the second year of Microman line.  Each Machine Car comes in parts that must be put together much like the previous Microman-Zone vehicles (Micro Machine and Cosmo Cars), however, Takara decided to eliminated the nuts and bolts and made the toys based on the 5mm connections system.   Each Machine Car also shared a common wind-up unit which is a chrome "engine" block with real rubber tires.

Mego licensed and sold Machine Car toys as Micronauts - Motorized Vehicle Series.  Mego also included a figure with each vehicle and even adopted the same style box however the figures were just the regular Time Traveler (M10X type). Mego also renamed each vehicles - Formula Z became Warp Racer, Auto Buggy became Ultronic Scooter, Bull Crane became Bull Dozer, and Super Jet became Photon Sled.

While these little vehicles are not very rare, especially the Micronauts versions here in the States, they do have their own little charm.  These vehicles are full of interchangeable parts and in the age of ultra-realistic looking toys these little vehicles reminds us of the time gone by when toy vehicles are made of simple plastic shape with bright color and wind-up motor.

M111 Bobson with Machine Car #1 Formula Z

M113 Bobby with Machine Car #2 Auto Buggy

M122 Michael with Machine Car #3 Bull Crane

M124 Max with Machine Car #4 Super Jet

*Toys pictures here are the Micronauts versions