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1999 Replica Microman Series
20th Century Toys Museum Exhibit Misukoshi Exclusive - Microman Founders in Takara Historical Colors  (12/26/99-1/9/00)


Each figure came with clear capsule.



The set came packaged in the same style small window box as the Toys R Us Solid Mode M10X set.  The box was, however, changed to B&W scheme

Takara released special versions of M10X to commemorate the "Microman Traveling Museum Show".   The original four Microman Founders (M101 - M104) were done in special colors as a tribute to Henshin Cyborg line from which Microman originated from.   M101 George was done in flesh tone color to represent Combat Joe (GI Joe), which the original Henshin Cyborg body was based on.  M102 Microman was done in semi-clear white to represent the first Cyborg.  M103 was done in clear purple to represent the villain King Walder.  ,and M104 was done in smoke color to represent the last of the original Henshin Cyborg series - Android A.

M104 John in smoke clear to represent Takara Android-A

The set was sold during Microman Toys Exhibits at Misukoshi Store between 12/26/1999 to 1/9/2000.  While there were already too many variants of the M10X, this set however had special historical significance for the Microman line which made them very cool.  It was really too bad that this set received with very little interest among Microman collectors.  Microman Founders in Takara Historical Colors Set was rumored to be limited to just around 1000 sets.

M101 George in flesh tone color to represent Takara Combat Joe

M102 Jack in semi-clear white color  to represent Takara Cyborg

M103 Jesse in clear purple to represent Takara King Walder