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1999 Replica Microman Series
Hyper Hobby Exclusive - Hyper Microman M10X-H Mail-Away 

Set A M101H Hyper George & M102H Hyper Jack

Set B M103H Hyper Jesse  & M104H Hyper John (7/1999)


Each figure came in a matching capsule.



The set came in white mailer box with Hyper Hobby logo.

Hyper Hobby Magazine, a Japanese toys and model kits publication, offered mail-away exclusive Hyper Microman in the January 1999 issue to commemorate the reissue of Microman by Takara.   The mail-away premium was split into two sets (A & B) and collectors can choose to order either one or both of the set.   The set cost 5000 Yen each (10,000 Yen for both A & B) along with the coupon from the magazine.  Hyper Microman Set was also offered in Roman Album Hyper Mook 6 Legend of Victory - a special issue of Hyper Hobby dedicated to Microman and Henshin Cyborg.  The sets were finally shipped in July of 1999.

Hyper Microman were glow-in-the dark versions of the barefoot M101 - M104.  Takara gave them -H suffix to their designations and added Hyper to their names.  However, the only one that seem to glow in the dark was M101H - Hyper Jeorge (and he really glows).   The others were neon colors of their "non-Hyper" counterparts but these three don't seem to glow in the dark under normal light.   Beside the glow-in-the-dark plastic, the figures were identical to the normal version.  Takara gave them matching color capsule instead of the usual white capsule.   While these two sets were nice, they were not all that difference from the standard versions.

Roman Album Hyper Mook 

Roman Album Hyper Mook is a special issue of Hyper Hobby.  (Mook is a Japanese moniker for publication that is a cross between a book and a magazine).  Roman Album Hyper Mook #6 - Legend of Victory featured beautiful pictorials and brief history of Microman & Cyborg.


Hyper Hobby Exclusive - Set A

101H Hyper George & M102H Hyper Jack


Hyper Hobby Exclusive - Set B

M103H Hyper Jesse & M104H Hyper John

Hyper Hobby Magazine

Here are some example of Hyper Hobby magazines.  The magazine featured articles and pictures of various toys and collectibles.  Each issue also has a section dedicate to Takara toys.