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LED Powers Series
L-01 Laser Arthur, L-02 Laser Izam, L-03 Laser Walt & L-04 Laser Odin (12/23/1999)


LaserMicroman comes on a smaller removable type blister card than the last year Magne Power series.  Unlike the Magne Power each card was custom design for each figure and not a generic card. (shown above is Laser Arthur package)



Energy Pack

Red Calibur & MagneShield


Energy Pack

Ray Sonic Blade & MagneShield


Energy Pack (bottom view)

Water Magnum & MagneShield


Energy Pack

Magne Leo Lance & MagneShield

LaserMicroman is the new Microman body type for the new LED Powers Series (which replaced the old MagnePowers Series).   L-01 to L-04 are the four main characters return from the last year MagneSeries minus Edison (who will be released with MicroBoy, probably because he is the least popular character). 

LaserMicroman is definitely a big improvement over the first Magne Microman.   LaserMicroman design was based roughly on the design of Microman Command 3 (Magne was based on Command 1 & Super Microman was based on Command 2).  LaserMicroman retain 5mm port in his back.  Note also the two metal contact point for the backpack above the 5mm port. 

LaserMicroman used the same basic body style as the SuperMicroman but with several improvements.   First the feet, thought they retain the magnets, they are slightly smaller and look less bulky than the Super-type.  The shoes bottom now have details plus a 3 mm hole.  Second, the arms are no longer have the rivet joint type but rather used the ball joint type which also make the shoulder part less bulky and look a lot better.  Third, and a major improvement is the pelvic section, it is now one solid piece with the leg ball joints section, so no more loose pelvic!  Lastly,  the main torso is now separate piece that mount on to the pelvic section (much like the DemonAcroyear) and you can now turn the body section 360 degrees. 

L-01 LaserArthur

L-02 LaserIzam

Like the previous Microman figures, LaserMicroman figures are extremely details and employ only minimal used of paint job.   Laser Powers Microman come with a battery power backpack that when attach to the body (via 5mm port) can be used to light up the LED light inside LaserMicroman chest.  The power backpack is quite heavy but the figure still stand up very well even without metal surface, thought the pose is now more limited since they are a bit top heavy.

Each LaserMicroman also comes with a pair of accessories - a weapon and a shield, that can be attach to the 2.5 mm hole in the arms or legs.  The weapons can also be store on the backpack when not in used.   And as an added bonus the eight weapons can be combine to form one big super weapon and shield.   The LaserMicroman is probably the best of Microman figures so far for the new line and one can easily see why the LED Powers have enjoy a better sale and give Takara renew confidence in continuing the new Microman toys line.  LaserMicroman is a big leap in term of improvement from the last year debut MagnePowers. 

L-04 LaserWalt


L-04 LaserOdin