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  LED Powers Series
L-05 LaserAcro Jekyll & L-06 LaserAcro Hyde (c.2000)


LaserAcroyers come package on removable blister card.


L-05 comes with blue bug power pack.

L-06 comes with red bug power pack.

Closed Up 



Takara released two Acroyears for the initial LED Powers Series: L-05 AcroJekyll and L-06 AcroHyde  Both are the new LaserAcroyers type that come with energy pack that light up the chest.

L-05 LaserAcroyer Jekyll -  nickname "cold hearted Kaiser" for his cruelty.

LaserAcroyers were once a President Acroyear (or Kaiser Acroyear) that was attack by mysterious new faction call BeetleTrooper.   BeetleTrooper split the President Acroyear in half with the sword.   The LED Powers, regenerated each half of their bodies and created two new LaserAcroyers call AcroJekyll and AcroHyde.   (Jekyll & Hyde)

L-06 LaserAcroyer Hyde - nickname "blood shed Kaiser" for his aggressive and violence behavior.

Takara, again, did an excellent job at designing the bad guys.   The new LaserAcroyers have two different designs each side of the body, one is mechanical looking and the others is organic.  The mechanical side is smoke clear on both figures while the organic side is clear blue on Jekyll and clear red on Hyde.  LaserAcroyer come with AcroSpear that attaches to the mechanical side and AcroBlade that flip out from the organic side forearm.   Interestingly, the two  LaserAcroyer have two distinctively design heads instead of the usual same exact head for all similar type Acroyer characters.


Left - Back view of LaserAcroyer.  Note the two metal contact tabs. 

Right- Front view of LaserAcroyer without the armor piece.

While the new Acroyer take on the name of the old President Acroyear they have very little resemblance to the original asides from the fact that original President Acroyears were transformed into Amazon Acroyears which has organic clear head!  The Amazon Acroyears also came with a weapon call AcroSpear.