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LED Powers Series - Master Microman
L-10 Master Laser Zett & L-11 Master Laser Solomon  (2/22/00)


Master Microman come on slightly bigger package than Laser Microman.

Each figure came with LED Catalog #2


Master Zett weapons set

Master Solomon weapons set

Master Zett Energy Pack

Master Solomon Energy Pack

Takara released two more figures for LED Powers Microman in February 2000.  The two figures are not design but rather a mixer of the previously released LED Powers Microman.   The new member of Microman are call the Master Microman.  They are basically Laser Microman with all the LED Powers weapons set.  Master Microman have gold plated head and pelvic.


L-10 Master Zett

L-10 Master Microman Laser Zett is basically the same figure as the one that came with Purple Soldier MicroBoy, however Zett body color is clear dark blue instead of the purple on Microman Zett-Arthur.  Microman Zett is Arthur's older brother who was kill or hurt by Laser Acroyers.  Zett head is exactly the same as Zett-Arthur.  It's too bad that Takara did not re-sculpt the head to make him look like the character shown in the manga (with long hair).   Zett come with Z-Caliber and Magne Shield along with all the weapons from the first four Laser Microman. 

L-11 Master Solomon

L-11 Master Microman Laser Solomon has a very nice brand new head sculpt.  His color scheme is also very different, clear yellow body with white trim.  He came with Magne Stag and Magne Shield (same as Laser Edison).  Like Zett, he also come with all the weapons from the first four LaserMicroman.  Both Master Micromen come with "Energy Pack" type backpack which is the same as  the first four LaserMicroman.