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 1974 Zone Microman Zone - Micro Machine Series
Micro-Kit Machine # 2 - Gyrotto with Yellow Microman M102 Jack "barefoot" (c.1974)


Gyrotto come package in a small flat window box.  (This picture comes from Microman Trading Card)  The figure came package inside a bubble blister pack without the capsule.


Here is a closed up view of the seat section.  The part is very detail and connect together via simple 5mm system.  Note the plastic tab used to hold the figure.  Microman barefoot does not have 5mm port in the back. 


Yellow Microman (He would later become known as Microman M102 Jack)

Back view of Yellow Microman. 

This figure is actually a later version of M102 barefoot since he has rubber tube inner part, the early version the head and arms were hold together by a metal tab.  The rubber band inside the vintage is a big flat band and not the round "o-ring" found in later Microman figures and the reissue.   Also note the lack of 5mm port in the back of Yellow Microman.

This is the first time I have a chance to compare the original vintage barefoot Microman to the one Takara reissue in 1998.  The reissue is actually very good replica of the original.   The reissue is slightly smaller than the vintage and the head is smaller and not quite as round in shape.  The chest plate on M102 reissue also more gold-tone color than the copper-tone of the original version.  To the right is comparison between the vintage M102 barefoot and the reissue M102.  The original version actually held together pretty well, the hands, feet and chest plate don't fall apart like the reissue so the problem is not in the design but rather the defect in the replica versions.

Micro-Kit Machine #2 Gyrotto

Micro-Kit Machine Gyrotto was one of the first four original Microman toys released by Takara in early 1974.  The Gyrotto along with Hot Roader, Sky Rambler, and Beam Tripler were the very first series of Microman toys.  They are one of the rarest and most sought after Microman toys.   Gyrotto and the rest of Micro-Kit Machine are like their name sake a simple vehicle kit that must be put together.  Each Micro-Kit Machine come with the original four "Founder" Microman - the M10X barefoot type.   The toy is very simple but yet very elegant in design.  Takara has already officially announced reproduction plan for Sky Rambler one can only hope they will follow through and reissue all the Kit-Machines.

I never thought I would actually own an original toy from 1974 Microman-Zone.  This particular Gyrotto is in mint condition (just a little dusty when I got it) and the Microman figure, to my surprise, is almost brand new looking, the joints are tight (even more so than the reissue one) and the rubber and plastic suffer no sign of deterioration.  The seller inform me that this toy came from his childhood and it's the only one he ever own.  He has no idea what it is and it has been in his attics for years.

Behold the legendary Gyrotto Machine! 

Left - vintage M102 Jack "barefoot"  Right - Takara Reissue M102