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Transformers Energon

Transformers Treadbolt (11/2003)


Energon & Superlink

Autobot Treadbolt


Release Date : 11/2004

Price Point : Ultra ($19.99)

Transformation Level : 3

Electronic Sounds : Battery included (3xA76/LR44)

Accessories : Missile x 1

Powerlinx : Mini-Con (Rollbar) 


Tech-spec Card


Note: Some Energon toys came with Fleer Collector card instead of the tech-spec card.


Treadbolt Spec.


Strength : 9

Intelligence : 8

Speed : 4

Endurance : 8

Rank : 6

Courage : 9

Fire blast : 5

Skill : 9


Autobot Treadbolt

Transformers Superlink

Energon Treadbolt was not released as a Superlink toy.



Transformers Energon Treadbolt was released in November of 2004 during the initial wave. Treadbolt was one of the four repackaged and repaint Armada toys that Hasbro used to fill out the initial line-up. (The other three were Unicron, Rapid Run and Ultra Magnus). Treadbolt was recolor version of Armada Autobot Scavenger who was a green and purple construction vehicle Transformers. (His original color was a homage to G1 Transformers The Constructicon which I always find a bit peculiar having an Autobot pay homage to a Decepticon). In Energon incarnation, the green was replaced with yellow and greenish gray while the purple was replaced by dark gray color. (If Hasbro was to keep the purple, Treadbolt would have been a nice homage to G2 Constructicon) In vehicle mode, Treadbolt was a tractor vehicle with real working rubber caterpillar tread and steam roller. Being ex-Armada toy, Treadbolt came with a Mini-Con called Rollbar. His Mini-Con kept the same name as the Armada version but with new color scheme that pay homage to another G1 character Autobot Hound. (This seem to be one of the theme in Energon line, a lot of homage to the older Transformers toys). Rollbar was a dune buggy Mini-Con. When attached to Treadbolt Powerlinx port, Rollbar activated the missile firing mechanism and shoot a missile (which like many of the Armada Powerlinx gimmicks, it rarely worked). Treadbolt also kept his electronic sound feature, and when Rollbar robot was placed in the vehicle driver seat it activated tractor engine sound.


Mini-Con Rollbar


In robot mode, Treadbolt formed a very imposing looking Transformers with the big rubber treads that formed his arms and the giant steam-roller became part of the feet.  The robot mode was very blocky looking and "one-piece" leg section might be a turn off to some people, however, I always like this mold since it was first introduced as Armada toy. The robot had movable waist section, articulated head and arms which somewhat help made up for the limited articulation of the leg section.  Also when one "rolled" Treadbolt across the surface using his roller, the feet move up and down as if he was walking (or stomping) with robot sound effect. Treadbolt came with single missile that slide into the left section of his pelvic.  The missile was launched via Powerlinx with a Mini-Con.  While Treadbolt was not  a bad repaint, the original toys were still on most of the toy shelves so it seem a bit like the mold was re-used a bit too soon. However, Treadbolt like other Energon Armada toys had very limited production run and was meant only to fill out the initial assortment of Energon line-up.  If you did not pick up Armada version or if you just like to complete the Energon collection then Treadbolt is recommended but for others you probably better off picking up genuine Energon toy like Ironhide, instead of getting another repaint. (It seem this is a bad habit Hasbro is picking up from Takara who is definitely a king of repaint toys, just look at the Microman series)

Treadbolt in vehicle mode with Rollbar in driver seat.