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Transformers Energon

Transformers Scorponok (12/2003)


Energon & Superlink

Terrorcons Scorponok


Release Date : 12/2003

Price Point : Ultra (26.99-29.99)

Transformation Level : 3

Electronic Sounds : Batteries Included (3X1.5V LR44)

Accessories : Missile x2

Hyper-Power : Mechanical Scorpion


Tech-spec Card


Note: Some Energon toys came with Fleer Collectible Card instead of the Tech-spec Card.


Scorponok Spec.


Strength : 10

Intelligence : 8

Speed : 7

Endurance : 9

Rank : 9

Courage : 9

Fire blast : 9

Skill : 10



Terrorcons Scorponok

Transformers Superlink

Energon Scorponok was released in Japan as Transformers Superlink SD-05 Mega Zarak. (This was G1 name for Japan version of Scorponok) Superlink version had very different color scheme than Energon version.



Transformers Energon Scorponok was released December of 2004 as part of the "1.5" wave. Scorponok was the "Ultra" assortment price point ($26.99-29.99) and the toy replaced the limited run filler Energon Ultra Magnus (repainted of Armada Overload) in the case assortment.  The toy came packaged in standard Energon style window box. Scorponok was the first Ultra size Terrocons to be released for the Energon line-up and the toy came package in his Terrocons Hyper-Power "beast" mode which was a mechanical scorpion. As his name might suggest, Scorponok was another Energon toy that feature an update of the old G1 design. In his beast mode, Scorponok was essentially a heavy construction vehicle that appeared like scorpion. A very clever and interesting design, the body had grill in the front with cab section completed with clear yellow window and two "smokestacks". The scorpion arms had claw that resembled shovel and the "feet" were caterpillar treads. The scorpion tail section resembled crane with the "stinger" that look like a hook. In this mode Scorponok tail made "mechanical" sound when moved up and down. The tail stinger section had two clear "cannons" that folded-out when the small cockpit on the tail get slide back (the cockpit had 5mm Mini-Con Powerlinx port) and made machine gun firing sound. The scorpion claws had hidden clear missile launcher on each side that shoot spring-loaded missile.


Scorponok head came with clear yellow visor just like the original version.

Scorponok belong to a new sub-group of Transformers called the Terrorcons. The Terrocons generally were drone-like Transformers that existed with only one purpose - to collect the Energon.  However, Scorponok was shown to be the leader of the Terrocons (under the direction of Alpha Q who in turn is a servant of Unicron) and he appeared to be single entity and not drone hoard like the rest of Terrorcons.  Scorponok was later overthrow by Megatron and he became part of the Decepticon.  In robot mode, Scorponok also pay homage to the G1 Scorponok with similar design head completed with clear visor and two horns.  In robot mode the arms was a little bulky looking due to the giant size claws but not too distracting.  The tail can be folded up over his head or down as a robot tail, either way he look pretty good.  The articulations in robot mode was a little limited due to his bulky arms but he still posed very well.  His "hands" had 5mm port that allowed him to hold various Energon weapons. I always find it amusing to see good old Microman standard 5mm interchangeability became standardize port and peg size for the Transformers.

Scorponok in vehicle mode.

Scorponok also had third mode which was a standard vehicle mode. (Original G1 Scorponok third mode was a battle base) This mode was probably the weakest mode of the three as far as appearance but it was not too terrible and better than "third" mode of recent Transformers toys such as the Beast Wars Transmetals third mode for example.  In this mode, Scorponok become a big spaceship (look a little like Microman Cosmic Fighter). His tail became the nose section while the arms formed "wings" and the legs became tail stabilizer wings and engines. Scorponok was the first "Ultra" size Energon toys and the first Decepticon entry into this price point was very impressive toys. The color scheme was a little busy (you can always pick up Superlink version which have less busy colors combo not to mention more show accurate), but this was definitely one of the "must have" toys in Energon line-up. The toy had nice transformations that look great in all modes with good play features and the G1 homage was just an added bonus.


Below - Scorponok in Hyper Power mode.