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Transformers Energon

Transformers Battle Ravage (11/2003)


Energon & Superlink

Terrorcons Battle Ravage


Release Date : 11/2003

Price Point : Basic (6.99)

Transformation Level : 1

Electronic Sounds : None

Accessories : Missile x1

Hyper-Power : Drone

Energon Weapon : Cannon


Tech-spec Card


Note: Basic Energon toys did not come with tech-spec. nor collector card.


Battle Ravage Spec.


Strength : 5

Intelligence : 5

Speed : 7

Endurance : 6

Rank : 4

Courage : 8

Fire blast : 6

Skill : 5



Terrorcons Battle Ravage

Transformers Superlink

Energon Battle Ravage was released in Japan as Transformers Superlink SD-06 Command Jaguar. (Jaguar was G1 name for Japan version of Ravage, the name was a carry over from Microman line) Superlink version had dark green Energon Cannon (to match the rest of Deception Energon weapons in Superlink line). The white disk on the left shoulder also had Destron symbol which was missing from Hasbro version.  Takara also released color variants of Command Jaguar as SD-10 Desert Type in blue and tan color.


Transformers Energon Battle Ravage was released in November of 2004 as part of the initial line-up. Battle Ravage was the "Basic" assortment price point ($6.99-7.99). The toy came packaged in standard Energon blister card. Unlike other Energon figure, the toy was packed in robot mode instead of the alternate mode. Battle Ravage was a homage to the G1 Transformers Ravage (one of the Decepticon cassette robots) and his mechanical animal mode shared similar characteristics as the G1 Ravage. (Hasbro probably lost the trademark to the name Ravage so the toy was renamed "Battle Ravage". It might seem strange to some that there was "beast" figure in original G1 line but the reason for these animal robots appeared in what was mostly car robots line can be traced back to the Microman series. Transformers Ravage was one of the micro-cassette robots that came from Microman Micro Change line. In Microman line, the concept of mechanical animals had always been part of the series since the time of the Titans pets from 1975 (Titan Condor and Titan Dober).  The robot animals even returned recently as part of the 1999-2000 Magne Microman series. The concept of cyborg pets as sidekick was pretty common in Japanese sci-fi series and cybernetic animals in Microman series probably due in part to its Henshin Cyborg past which featured several robotic pets. Energon Ravage "beast" mode was a mechanical cat (Jaguar) and instead of cassette the beast transformed into robot.

Battle Ravage robot head paid homage to G1 Soundwave - the keepers of Decepticon micro-cassette robots which included G1 Ravage.

Battle Ravage in Energon belong to a new sub-group of Transformers called the Terrorcons. The Terrocons were drone like Transformers that existed with only one purpose - to collect the Energon. (They were Decepticon counterpart of Autobot Omnicons however, the Terrorcons are more savage and mindless) The Terrorcons swore allegiance to the Decepticon and used as drone armies to collect the Energon.  The Terrorcons were a lot like the Insecticon from G1 Transformers and able to "clone" themselves.  In the anime, Battle Ravage usually appeared in beast mode and used their jaws to "process" the raw Energon into Energon Chip that they then deposited on their Spark Crystal port ready to be transport. Battle Ravage came with clear yellow Energon Cannon. The weapon resembled G1 Megatron Fusion Cannon.  The cannon had spring loaded style launcher that shoot purple plastic missile.  (one of the feature I am glad to see returning to the line). The weapon had numerous 5mm ports and allowed it to be combine or customized into different modes and also attached to Ravage shoulder in both cat mode and robot mode.  The cannon can also be attach to the robot hand (also via 5mm peg, now you see why I like Energon so much, it's really Micro toys in disguised)

Battle Ravage in beast mode

While Battle Ravage was part of the early Energon toys line-up, the toy was very nice for "basic" size toys (which usually leave a lot to be desire). In jaguar or cat mode, the figure had a very nice mechanical shape with mostly black color to made him resemble more of his G1 predecessor. The yellow Energon cannon mount on both side of the cat shoulder. The robot mode transformation was pretty simple with "auto" transformation when the body get push down. However, the "auto" feature caused the robot mode to easily get "accidental" transform. Hasbro and Takara later fixed the problem by adding a small peg to the robot head that help secure the body in place when in robot mode. The only design I find a little distracting was the front paws which folded down to reveal robot hands  (it was not all that conceal in animal mode anyway). This was one of the Beast Wars design feature that I often find somewhat distracting. I would rather prefer the paw be used in robot mode as robot hands which would give the robot mode more of a savage look. I think this could have easily accomplish by adding 5 mm port to the paws and using simple twist mechanism at the wrist to turn the paws into robot hands and do away with this cumbersome looking of the folded-behind the arm method. This minor gripe aside (which is not a design flaw, just my personal preference) the figure was one of the best "basic" toys in the line bested only by his mechanical bird partner Divebomb.  It was nice to see original Microman design concept still make an appearance in modern Transformers toys.