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Transformers Energon

Transformers Rapid Run (11/2003)


Energon & Superlink

Decepticon Rapid Run


Release Date : 11/2003

Price Point : Deluxe (9.99)

Transformation Level : 3

Electronic Sounds : None

Accessories : Missile x2

Hyper Power : Mini-cons


Tech-Spec Card


Note: Some Energon toys came with Fleer Collectible Card instead of the Tech-spec Card.


Rapid Run Spec.


Strength : 5

Intelligence : 6

Speed : 7

Endurance : 5

Rank : 5

Courage : 8

Fire blast : 6

Skill : 8



Decepticon Rapid Run

Transformers Superlink

Energon Rapid Run was not yet released as Superlink toys by Takara.


Transformers Energon Rapid Run was released in November of 2004 as one of the initial wave of Energon toys. Rapid Run was repaint of Armada Sideways and was one of the five repaint of Armada toys used to fill out the early assortments. (The other four were Ultra Magnus, Treadbolt, Tidal Wave and Unicron). Rapid Run was used to fill out the early wave of "Deluxe" size (9.99 price point) assortment and as such the toys were only ship with the first wave of Energon toys. However, Rapid Run were not hard to find and the toys were widely distributed unlike Energon Ultra Magnus. Like the other early Energon repaints of Armada toys, Rapid Run packaging still used pictures of Armada Sideway along (with his Mini-cons - Rook and Crosswise.) Armada Sideways was purple futuristic motorcycle who look like Thrust from Beast Machines (I was told that the color scheme was based on the bike belongs to one of Takara toy designer). For Energon the color was changed to yellow with black strips (According to Ben Yee, this was a homage to Buzzsaw from Beast Wars). The two Mini-Cons were also repainted into new color scheme to better match Rapid Run.

In Armada, Sideways was one of the unique characters with split affiliations and the toy had one of the more unique design features of the Armada toys. Sideways' Mini-cons - Crosswise and Rook could formed new head for Sideways and depends on the Mini-Cons his chest affiliation would switched (Crosswise turn him into Autobot while Rook turn him into a Decepticon). Sideways true loyalty, however, was with neither factions as he was an agent of Unicron. While Sideways was sold as Autobot in Armada line up. For Energon this was a reverse and Rapid Run was sold as Decepticon though the toys still had the faction switching gimmicks.  (Rapid Run was probably one of  the double agent type Transformers that can hide his true allegiance)  Crosswise was renamed to Autobot Nightcruz and Rook was changed to Decepticon Nightscream. (I am not sure why Autobot Mini-con would be running around with a Decepticon may be this will get explain when DW decides to do Energon character books).

Energon Rapid Run in vehicle mode.

Rapid Run transport mode

In robot mode, Rapid Run transformed into mostly yellow and black robot. The new black and yellow with clear green "Energon" parts however was much better suit the toys than the bright purple used for Sideways. When I first saw this toy at Comic-Con a few years ago I thought he was a very nice looking Transformers (with the exception of the purple color scheme, of course), however, when I got the actual toy of Sideways, I was very disappointed due mostly to the poor articulations and poor paint job. Sideways / Rapid Run robot design reminded me of the New Microman transforming bike - Micro Ridor. If you look at Micro Ridor robot mode you can see some resemblance to Sideways / Rapid Run toy. Rapid Run was one of the few repaints by Hasbro that made the toy actually look better than the first version.  My personal recommendation is to get this toy if you want to have complete Energon collection or if you do not have Sideways already. (Or if you are one of the few who really like Sideways mold). I have to admit that I really grew fond of the Energon version of this toy as the new color scheme really help the toy appearance in both robot and vehicle mode.


L-R: Nightcruz and Nightscream. Below Nightcruz/Nightscream combine mode.

Being repaint Armada toys, Energon Rapid Run do not have the new Hyper Mode but rather the toy kept the same Mini-con Powerlinx gimmick from the Armada series. Rapid Run (Sideways) had one of the more unique Mini-cons - Transformers interaction feature. Aside from having not just one but two Mini-Cons for power-up mode, Rapid Run's two Mini-Cons also had very unique alternate mode. Instead of transforming into vehicle, Nightcruz and Nightscream each could transformed into alternate heads for Rapid Run. Since Nightcruz is an Autobot and Nightscream is a Decepticon you would think they would "convert" Rapid Run into their respective factions, however this was not the case, instead of revealing the Autobot symbol when Nightcruz became head mode for Rapid Run, the toy instead reveal Decepticon symbol and the opposite was true for Nightscream. I am not sure if this was factory error but the change actually  occurred back during the Armada run of Sideways toy. Originally Crosswise (Nightcruz) activate the Autobot symbol and Rook (Nightscream) activate the Decepticon, but for some reason this was reversed during the latter production of Sideways. It seem this change was kept for Rapid Run production. Beside the head modes, the two Mini-cons also can combine together to form one bigger Mini-con robot. The bigger robot became "rider" for the bike mode of Rapid Run. There were also third mode (though a bit weak) in which the two Mini-cons form weapon platform for Rapid Run that also activated the "Powerlinx" missiles firing feature. (Rapid Run came with two clear green missiles).


Below - Rapid Run Powerlinx mode