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Transformers Energon

Transformers Optimus Prime (11/2003)


Energon & Superlink

Autobot Optimus Prime


Release Date : 11/2003

Price Point : Super ($39.99)

Transformation Level : 4

Electronic Sounds : Battery Required (2xAA)

Accessories : Missile x 1

Powerlinx : Black (self)


Collectible Card


Note: Some Energon toys came with Fleer Collector card instead of the tech-spec card. (Shown above is the collectible card)


Optimus Prime Spec.


Strength : 10

Intelligence : 10

Speed : 10

Endurance : 10

Rank : 10

Courage : 10

Fire blast : 10

Skill : 10


Optimus Prime

Transformers Superlink

Energon Optimus Prime was released as Transformers Superlink SC-01 Grand Convoy. Takara version had several changes made to the toy. The electronic was removed and the grill and chest section got chrome treatment and the color scheme was much more show accurate. The head was done in typical Convoy dark blue instead of the grayish-blue Hasbro used for the Energon version.  Also, all Takara versions of Grand Convoy had face plate instead of the "mouth" face found on early version of Energon Prime. 



Takara Grand Convoy came with chrome chest and face-plate head with nice dark blue color.



Transformers Energon Optimus Prime was released in November of 2003 as part of early Energon line-up.  Optimus Prime belong to the "Super" assortment price point ($39.99-49.99). Optimus Prime came packaged in standard Energon window box. The toy was packed in his vehicle mode. In the vehicle mode Optimus was once again was a futuristic semi-truck cab towing a gray trailer. The cab design was much more simplistic than the Armada with dark blue, red, white and black scheme. While the basic design was not too terrible, the molded on windshields vipers and floating "helmet" on top of the cab really distracted from the overall look. The trailer was design to hold the four small assault vehicles and turn into a launching station (Energon Tower) when Prime transformed into his robot mode. The back of the cab had small button and selector switch that made distinct sound effects for each of the four Prime's Force vehicles. Both the cab and trailer had several Mini-Cons Powerlinx port for added play. The cab itself had nicely molded Autobot symbol on the right and Autobot Spark of Combination jewel on the left. The trailer had big Autobot symbol on the back side which actually look pretty nice.


As for the four small Prime Force vehicles, they were pretty much simple looking vehicles with small wheels underneath.  OP 1 or "Fire Truck 1" was a futuristic orange fire truck with extendable gray ladder, OP 2 or "Copter 2" was a white helicopter with spinning blades, OP 3 or "Digger 3" was a yellow tunneler and Prime OP 4 or "Submarine 4" was a blue submarine. The assault vehicles were remote control units that help fight the Deception in vehicle mode but they also server another functions as power-up Powerlinx parts for Optimus Prime.  In robot mode, Optimus Prime transformation was pretty simple.  The legs folded out from under the vehicle, the head pop out from the cab roof, and the arms just swung out.  In this mode Prime look a little out of proportion due to his large single piece body. (Which let to the toy being nickname "Fatimus Prime").  The bulky look combined with his "mouth" face really turn in some negative comments from fans when the toy first appeared.  Hasbro later changed the mouth face into normal face plated.  Ben Yee of BWTF.com speculated the mouth thing probably was a homage to Beast Wars Optimus Primal who appeared with the mouth in the TV show and he is probably right since Energon Prime color scheme was red, black and white which was color of original Primal Prime toy.  A nice homage but I think the mouth was taking thing a little too far.  Energon Prime just look better with normal face plate, not to mention that how he appeared in Energon show. Regardless of how you feel about the mouth, Energon Optimus Prime actually was a very nice toy with good fun playability especially in his "Super Mode" Powerlinx form, but that mode was also not without some controversy.


Optimus Prime's new gun

Optimus Prime in vehicle mode. Below the trailer in "Energon Tower" mode.

Being Super size Autobot, Optimus Prime had ability to transform into his Powerlinx mode or "Optimus Prime Super Mode". In this mode, the four assault vehicles can transformed into limbs (arms and legs) for Optimus Prime. Each vehicle can became either arm or leg and for either left or right side which gave this mode many different looks depends on how you choose to combine the vehicles. In Super Mode, Prime was a little more proportional and loose much of the "bulky" appearance of his normal mode. The toy however was less than perfect, the helmet that go over Prime normal mode head did not fit well and he look like he was wearing some kind of head contraption, the colors scheme on the assault vehicles do not mesh well with the rest of his body and the chest windows just sort of hanging off the body sections which used to be shoulders when he was in normal mode. Despite these shortcomings, the figure had good articulations and the chest LED light up with sound effect when chest windows opened (it triggered the button on the side of the cab). The main gripe by many fans was that the Energon Prime look more like Power Ranger Megazord robot than traditional Transformers. While this was partly true, one can hardly fault Takara and Hasbro tried to be more innovative with the latest Prime. After all, how many more Prime and trailer base toys do we really need.  Also the idea of vehicle forming parts for transformers robots have always been part of Transformers heritage. In both Diaclone and New Microman line such combination feature was very common.  Many toys from these two lines that help spawn G1 Transformers had vehicles that transformed into limbs for the larger robots so we can think of Energon as going back to its heritage. Energon Prime had excellent playability and the combinations gave the toy very nice extended play value. I really recommended the toy despite some of the design quirks, after all, how often do one get Optimus Prime with interchangeable arms and feet completed with optional drill or claw hands.


Below - Optimus Prime Super Mode