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Transformers Energon

Transformers Ironhide (11/2003)


Energon & Superlink

Autobot Ironhide


Release Date : 11/2003

Price Point : Ultra ($19.99)

Transformation Level : 3

Electronic Sounds : Battery Required (2xAAA)

Accessories : Missile x 1

Powerlinx : Gold (with Jetfire) 


Tech-spec Card




Note: Some Energon toys came with Fleer Collector card instead of the tech-spec card.


Autobot Ironhide Spec.


Strength : 9

Intelligence : 7

Speed : 6

Endurance : 8

Rank : 5

Courage : 8

Fire blast : 8

Skill : 7


Autobot Ironhide


Transformers Superlink

Energon Ironhide was released in Japan as Transformers Superlink SC-04 Roadbuster.


Transformers Energon Ironhide was released in November of 2004 as part of the initial launch. Ironhide was the "Mega" assortment price point ($19.99-24.99). The toy came packaged in standard Energon window box. The toy was packed in vehicle mode. In this mode Ironhide was a heavy duty SUV with machine gun and cannon turret mount on the roof. In the vehicle mode, the toy was mostly dark blue with some tan parts and red cannon turret. The vehicle had clear painted windows in gold. Beside the small gold Autobot Superlinx symbol, Ironhide did not have any Autobot marking in this mode however you don't need a big honking symbol to know he is robot in disguise as his head was clearly visible. Ironhide robot head was mount on the turret as part of the gun assembly. While the head had adjustable "helmet" that hide part of the face, there was no mistaken that the robot's head was sitting right on top of the roof. While at first, this design might be a little distracting with the head right smack in the middle in plain sight but after some play time the design was not all that bad. Takara and Hasbro probably could have design a way to hide the head but somehow it seem that the head was left intentionally out in the open. The turret assembly hold the electronic parts and the battery compartment (required two AAA batteries that were not included). When the turret moved, it activated the machine gun firing sound. The turret also housed a spring loaded missile launcher. Only one missile was included (seem to be a trend with Energon toy) which was too bad since this was the part that often get lost by kids. The missile launch by pulled back on the launcher which also activated laser sound effect.


Ironhide vehicle mode looked a little simplistic at first but actually had very nice details molded on. There were seats, lamps covered and nicely detail rims. The robot mode transformation was pretty simple. The hood split apart to become feet and the arms fold out from the rear section. The turret of course form the head section. In robot, Ironhide surprisingly, was a very nice looking mecha.  The chest section was very well design with molded on Autobot symbol painted in red with a white background. He had tan color arms and legs which made him a little difference from the traditional scheme of white or silver.  In robot mode, Ironhide had big shoulder section this design element seem to be pretty common with many of the Energon robots.  Ironhide can "Superlinx" with Jetfire. In this mode, Ironhide legs section became the arms for the combine robot and only top part of his chest formed the "Superlinx" Ironhide body while the rest belong to Jetfire. The Superlinx Ironhide made a passable looking robot, the over size arms combine with the skinny Jetfire feet made him look a little out of proportion. The main design problem probably the fists which were just flat molded fist shape parts that simply attached to the underside of Ironhide vehicle mode.  The "fist" had 5mm port and allowed the Powerlinx Ironhide to wield a weapon such as Energon Saber just like in the TV show.  Ironhide could also form legs part for the Powerlinx Jetfire. I do sympathize with Takara and Hasbro having to design robot that need to be able to transform into basically four different modes a vehicle, a robot, a robot top half and a robot bottom half.    

Ironhide in vehicle mode

Ironhide was part of the early Energon toys line-up. He was not the best Energon toys but he actually not a bad toys. To tell the truth he was the last toy I picked up from the initial released. I was turned off by the "Tonka" truck look and the floating head of his vehicle mode and the robot mode that was shown in various photograph was not very complimentary. However, after played with the toy and transform him a few times I found that Ironhide actually a very nice Transformers toy with very good play features such as the movable turret and the electronic sounds. His ability to link with Jetfire gave him more extended playability. If you get turn off by this toy first impression I would suggest try to look past that as he really is a solid design toy and you could be missing out on a really nice Transformers.


Below - Powerlinx Ironhide