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Transformers Energon

Transformers Energon Saber (11/2003)


Energon & Superlink

Energon Saber Mini-Con Team


Release Date : 11/2003

Price Point : Basic ($6.99)

Transformation Level : 2

Electronic Sounds : None

Accessories : None

Powerlinx : Energon Saber



Tech-spec Card


Note: Some Energon toys came with Fleer Collector card instead of the tech-spec card.


Energon Saber Team Spec.


Strength : 6

Intelligence : 5

Speed : 9

Endurance : 8

Rank : 6

Courage : 6

Fire blast : 4

Skill : 6


Energon Saber


Transformers Superlink

Mini-Cons Energon Saber Team was released as Transformers Superlink SC-08 Energonsaber. Takara also released recolor versions of Energon Saber as part of their Micron Legends Booster Series.




Transformers Energon Saber Mini-Cons Team was released in November of 2003 as part of the initial Energon series line-up. Energon Saber Team was part of the "basic" assortment price point ($6.99-7.99). Energon Saber along with Perceptor Mini-Con Team were the first two Mini-Con Team to make the return in Energon series.  Hasbro also repackage several of the Armada Mini-Con Team as Energon toys some in new colors some in the old Armada colors. While Mini-Cons were the main focus of last year Armada line, this year they were basically filler toys and acted as a bridge between Energon and Armada. However, Mini-Cons were not totally written off and most Energon Transformers toys still sported the Mini-Cons Powerlinx ports. (Though the port on Energon toys no longer had any activation feature unless they were on the repaints of Armada toys).

Energon Saber was a retool and recolor version of Armada Mini-Con Air Defense Team (which was also recolor into Air Assault Team). The original Armada version the three Mini-Con also formed a sword called Star Saber (or Dark Saber when control by a Decepticon)  Hasbro and Takara had modified the molds which not only greatly enhance the look of the sword mode but also help made them more secure and less prone to falling apart which was the major problem with the previous incarnations of these toys.  Energon Saber Mini-Cons were also given entirely different names from those that formed the Air Team in Armada.  However, in the TV show, Optimus still addressed Skyboom as Sonar, so at this point it unclear if they were meant to be the same characters or not.  In any case Energon Saber Team was much better than the original Armada Star Saber and Dark Saber. The figures fit together well and the new design "locked" the hilt (Skyboom) section with the blade (Scattor) section which help prevent the saber from falling apart. The new deco of clear yellow with silver and black highlights help to outline the sword look and made Energon Saber appeared more like the energy saber that it supposed to represent rather than three planes that just happened to get stuck together.

Mini-Con Energon Saber Team - (L-R) Wreckage, Skyboom and Scattor


I always like the original idea of having the Mini-Cons combined to form Star Saber, however while the concept was good the execution left a lot to be desire. The Air Defense Team color scheme and their tendency to fall apart was a real disappointment. Even though Energon Saber was in essence a repaint of Armada Star Saber Air Defense Team, the retooling of the molds and the new color scheme made it into a much better set of Transformers toys. I highly recommended Energon Saber even if they were just last year Armada gimmick since this time Hasbro and Takara really got them right. However, if you still not keen on seeing three planes stuck together being sold as Energon Saber then there was always Superlink Kicker, which not only give you cool Microman figure as Kicker, it also included chromed Energon Saber that really look like a sword.


Below - Ironhide, the current wielder of Energon Saber