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Transformers Energon

Transformers Demolishor (4/2004)


Energon & Superlink

Decepticon Demolishor


Release Date : 4/2004

Price Point : Deluxe (9.99)

Transformation Level : 2

Electronic Sounds : None

Accessories : Missile x4

Hyper-Power : Missile Rack


Tech-Spec Card


Note: Some Energon toys came with Fleer Collectible Card instead of the Tech-spec Card.


Demolishor Spec.


Strength : 9

Intelligence : 7

Speed : 5

Endurance : 5

Rank : 5

Courage : 5

Fire blast : 9

Skill : 7



Decepticon Demolishor

Transformers Superlink

Energon Demolishor was being released in Japan as Transformers Superlink SD-11 Iron Tread. (Demolishor was named Ironhide in Japan, Iron Tread is probably the name for the power-up Ironhide)  As both Takara and Hasbro continued to swap the names and change them around there are sure going to be plenty of confusion. 


Transformers Energon Demolishor was released in Spring of 2004 as part of the Deluxe (9.99-12.99) assortment. The toy came package in standard Energon blister card (with slightly oversize bubble due to Demolishor bulky size). Demolishor was the fourth Decepticon to be release by Hasbro for the deluxe size. Unlike the Autobot counterpart, Deluxe Decepticon do not have the Superlinx Matrix of Combination gimmick instead they had the "Hyper Power" mode. This gimmick was much weaker than the combiner gimmick possess by the Autobot toys as it pretty much involved just the repositioning of the Energon Power parts on these robots. This however do not mean that these were not great Transformers toys as so far the deluxe Decepticon (with the exception of the repaint Rapid Run) had produced some of the nicer looking Transformers in both modes with very cool transformation and great interchangeability especially when combine with the weapons from the basic size toys.

Demolishor was one of the Decepticon hold over from the Armada series. He joined the Autobot cause after the "death" of Megatron but was relegated to guard duty. When Megatron returned, Demolishor returned to Decepticon. Hasbro had yet to released Armada Demolishor with Energon paint scheme (Takara released repaint of Armada Demolishor as part of the early Superlink toy assortment) but he would undergone "reformat" which would then gave him Energon Hyper Power ability along with his new form as a green dump truck.  (The old Demolishor was Anti-Aircraft vehicle).  In vehicle mode, Demolishor look like big oversize heavy duty dump truck with clear dark green parts in the cab section and large oversize Decepticon symbol on the truck bed. (He also had a small logo on the front). Demolishor however was not just a construction vehicle, in vehicle Hyper Mode he revealed the vehicle to be a moving missile rack that can shoot four spring- loaded clear green "Energon" missiles. (The rack show "eight" missiles but the other four were molded on "fake" missiles and only four were launch-able.)

Energon Demolishor in vehicle mode.

In robot mode Demolishor transformed into a bulky looking mech. The design retained none of his previous incarnation and his design actually evoked the image of Rhinox from Beast Wars. The transformation was pretty simple but yield a nice looking robot. Demolishor like Starscream had several clear green parts (to represent his Energon powered body) including his forearms and hands. He had very good articulations and can pose well in robot mode. The robot Hyper mode was pretty simple and the truck bed / missile rack flip over his head as the head and chest rotate to assume "hunchback"-like position. The Hyper mode was nothing exciting but produced a more "aggressive stance" robot. This mode also evoked the Beast Machines / Beast Wars era looks with the pivoting head design often found in those two lines. In all this was one great Deluxe size toy and while lacking the Autobot gimmicks of Powerlinx, Hasbro and Takara had produced a very nice design and included many interchangeability playability with the 5mm ports and pegs that allowed fans to mix and match the "Energon" parts from other Energon toys including the Mini-Cons (via Powerlinx ports). 


Below - Demolishor in Hyper Power mode.