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Transformers Energon

Transformers Wing Saber (11/2004)


Energon & Superlink

Autobot Wing Saber


Release Date : 11/2004

Price Point : Mega ($19.99)

Transformation Level : 3

Electronic Sounds : None

Accessories : Missile x 2

Powerlinx : Combiner with Optimus Prime


Bio and tech-spec card



Strength : 9

Intelligence : 7

Speed : 10

Endurance : 8

Rank : 8

Courage : 9 

Fire blast : 10

Skill : 9


Wing Saber

Transformers Superlink

Takara released Wing Saber as SC-17 Wing Saber for Superlink series. This was one of very few Superlink / Energon toys that actually had the same name. Wing Saber was packaged in window box in his robot mode.




Transformers Energon Wing Saber was released in November of 2004. Energon toys availability became very sporadic throughout the summer of 2004 especially for Mega and Ultra size toys. This could either be from the stores in the US were not ordering Energon toys (due to low demand) or the productions were severely lagging behinds. In any case the lack of new products definitely did not help the series which already suffered greatly from constant re-shuffle timeslot of the TV show on CTN. Wing Saber is another Mega size toy (19.99 price point) for the Autobot faction. However, unlike other Mega size Autobot, Wing Saber do not Powerlinx with another Mega Autobot instead he combined with Super Optimus Prime.

Wing Saber came packaged in his vehicle mode which is a flying wing jet. The jet is mostly red with some white and blue. The jet has two clear spring loaded missile launchers. The vehicle mode is very attractive (then again flying wing is my favorite plane design so I am a little bias) with nice detail including fold-out undercarriages. Clear parts are used around the cockpit area and really add to the overall look of the toy. In robot mode, Wing Saber transformation is pretty straightforward and he forms a very heroic looking robot  albeit a little bulky. Due to the nature of his Powerlinx gimmick, Wing Saber articulations are somewhat limited but he still pose nicely. The only complain I have is his head which form from two halves and essential makes for a very static "decorative" robot head. In robot mode, Wing Saber is mostly red with blue leg sections which help in breaking up his overall color. (The feet section look a little like Armada Optimus Prime's trailer design.) His overall robot design is more like Takara Brave Series robots more so than the Transformers, which was not necessary a bad thing. One of the great thing about Energon / Superlink series is the new fresh looks the designers is adding to the Transformers series and at the same time still paying a homage to the original line.


Wing Saber, being Mega size toy, also has "Powerlinx" feature, however instead of combining with other Mega size Autobots, he combines with the big guy himself - Optimus Prime. Wing Saber can be seen pretty much an add-on toys for Optimus Prime and he really help improving Energon Prime's appearance. Wing Saber has two modes when Powerlinx with Optimus. The first one is the "Wing Mode". In this mode, the chest section of Wing Saber becomes new arms and wings for Prime and his leg sections become lower legs extension for Optimus. This mode actually look very nice but unfortunately this mode makes Optimus Prime very top heavy due to the large wing and the figure had tendency to flop backward. The second mode is the "Fight Mode" which basically the reverse of the "Wing Mode". The body now forms new lower leg for Prime while Wing Saber's legs become arms and weapons. This mode while not as attractive as the "Wing Mode", makes for very stable Powerlinx Optimus Prime. As a stand alone product, Wing Saber is a very good Transformers toy with great looking robot and alternate modes but ability to combine with Prime really make Wing Saber a must have toy from Energon series. Beside the combining gimmick, Wing Saber like other Energon toy has several 5mm ports which allowed for interchangeability with other Energon accessories. 


Below - Wing Saber Powerlinx Modes

Top - Powerlinx "Wing Mode", below Powerlinx "Fight Mode"