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Transformers Energon

Transformers Bulkhead (8/2004)


Energon & Superlink

Autobot Bulkhead


Release Date : 8/2004

Price Point : Mega ($26.99)

Transformation Level : 3

Electronic Sounds : Batteries Included (3xA76/LR44)

Accessories : Missile x 4

Powerlinx Red : Self-combine


Bio and tech-spec card



Strength : 8

Intelligence : 10

Speed : 9

Endurance : 9

Rank : 8

Courage : 10

Fire blast : 9

Skill : 8



Transformers Superlink

Takara released Bulkhead as SC-20 Sprung for Superlink series. Sprung was packaged in his vehicle mode in window style box. The toy was nearly identical to US Energon version.




Transformers Energon Bulkhead was released around August of 2004. Energon toys availability became very sporadic throughout the summer of 2004 especially for Mega and Ultra size toys. This could either be from the stores in the US were not ordering Energon toys (due to low demand) or the productions were severely lagging behinds. In any case the lack of new products definitely did not help the series which already suffered greatly from constant re-shuffle timeslot of the TV show on CTN. Bulkhead was only the third Ultra size toys for Energon Autobot and one of the last few toys from the line to be sold in the old style packaging box. (Hasbro changed to red "Energon Battle" Box for the second half of 2004).


Bulkhead is an attack helicopter in his alternate mode. (Not sure why a helicopter would be named Bulkhead or why Hasbro just didn't call him Springer - a G1 robot that he obviously is a homage to). There are not too many helicopter in Transformers especially the larger size toy so it is nice to see another one get made for the Energon line. In this mode Bulkhead is mostly dark olive green with neon lime green accent. The rotor spin by pressing the rear landing gear. There are four spring-load missile launchers (two under each small stub wing). Since Bulkhead is a Red Powerlinx toy, he also comes with second vehicle (same as Landmine). The second vehicle is a blue gun platform that can be attached the bottom of the helicopter in vehicle Powerlinx mode. The platform could also transformed into a walker unit and acts as remote ground unit or gun emplacement for Bulkhead when he is in robot mode.


Bulkhead's robot mode is typical of helicopter type with the tail section ended up dangle behind the robot. The rotor blades can be remove (a little difficult to take out) and form weapon for robot or can be left on his back as pseudo-wings. The robot mode is mostly the neon green color with the lower half in mostly light gray color. Bulkhead is clearly a homage to another G1 toy - Autobot Springer. The robot looks very impressive and quite nice even with his bright neon green color. The head is very well sculpted with clear spectacle-like visor over his clear blue light port eyes. (Bulkhead's character is suppose to be an older Autobot veteran). The robot is modern looking mecha and like Landmine (probably the same designer) has many element from mecha from the show like Gundam. The robot mode has very good articulations and the figure poses nicely. 



Being Ultra size Autobot toy, Bulkhead has Powerlinx self-combine gimmick. In vehicle mode, the helicopter can combine with the walker platform and in robot mode, the gun platform became weapon backpack for Bulkhead. The Powerlinx mode looks alright but the backpack made the robot somewhat top heavy and the figure had tendency to do leg split when the platform is mounted on his back. In Powerlinx mode, the leg sections of the walker became arm cannon with nice articulation. Beside the self-combiner feature, Bulkhead like other Energon toys also sports many 5mm ports and connector and is fully compatible with Energon weapon accessories. Overall, Bulkhead is another impressive offering from the Energon line with cool looking clear weapon parts, sound effects, spring-loaded missiles and great looking mecha mode. If one is not too keen on the bright neon green color, an alternate color version of Bulkhead is being release by Hasbro as Quickstrike.


Below - Bulkhead Powerlinx Modes

Top - Powerlinx Vehicle Mode, below Powerlinx Bulkhead Robotmod