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Palisades Retro Micronauts

Retro Micronauts Series 2.0 - Pharoid (7/03) 


Retro Micronauts

Retro Micronauts Series 1



Time Traveler

Space Glider




Baron Karza & Andromeda

Series 1 Exclusive


GITD Time Traveler (10/02)

Dynamic Forces Exclusive


Gold Space Glider (12/02)

Hero Factory Exclusive


Bio-scan Membros (12/02)
Micropolis Embassy Exclusive 


Black Time Traveler (1/03)

Lee's Toy Review Exclusive


Force Commander (12/02)
Palisades Fan Club Exclusive

Gold Baron Karza (1/03)
Palisades Exclusive


Retro Micronauts Series 1.5


Palisades Store Exclusive

Time Traveler Medic

Radioactive Membros

Commander Space Glider

Prince Acroyear


Retro Micronauts Series 2





Galactic Defender



Red Falcon


Series 2 Exclusive


Emperor (6/03)

Palisades Store Exclusive



Bio-scan Membros was exclusive Micronauts figure produced by Palisades for Micropolis Embassy group. The poll was taken with choice of four variants that Palisades was willing to produce just for members of the group and Bio-scan (clear green Membros with glitter) was the top choice.  The figures were made in very limited quantities for the pre-order and only about 300 pieces was set for production. Tragically, like many of the figures from series 1 Micronauts, Membros suffered heavy numbers of production damages not to mention the production error whereby his accessories were cast with clear green plastics instead of the semi-translucent yellow.  Instead of sending out damage figures, Palisades offered to replace series 1 Bio-scan Membros with a new run to be produce in tandem with series 1.5 Micronauts.  In March of 2003, Palisades finally ship out the long await and the last of the series 1 exclusive.

Replacement Version of Bio-scan Membros came packaged on series 1.5 blister card. Bio-scan Membros were also packaged in mini-carton like the 1.5.


Micropolis Embassy

Micropolis Embassy is a Yahoo Group set up by Ray Miller to replace the defunct Micropola Mailing list (a Microman/Micronauts mailing list set up by Ron Pringle in late 90's) Actually the group originally was called Micropola Embassy Suite as it was intended to be temporary gathering place for the displaced members of Micropola. Overtime the new Yahoo Group became permanent home and the name was changed to Micropolis.


Glitter Plastic

Bio-scan Membros was one of  very few Micro figures to be cast with glitter plastic. The first glitter Micro was Microman Command 2 M164 Sammy and Micronauts Pharoid Type 1 (which were repackaged of Takara Microman).  In 1996, Romando produced M166 Saram figure for their Microman 21 line that featured blue and gold glitter. In 2000 Takara produced M004 Eiji Gold (Command 1) for the Replica Series that featured dark translucent blue body with gold glitter.

"Error Bio-scan Membros"

Bio-scan Membros was the first choice selected by members of Micropolis as their exclusive figure.  It was quite rare for a company to produce an exclusive figure for a fan group and this was done as a "thank you" to the members of the group for helping Palisades with input and info about Micronauts.  Bio-scan was brainchild of Kristof "Mega Collector" Erkiletian and the initial cost was funded by him personally while Ray Miller and his wife did all the shipping and handling. Special thanks to these three individuals who help made this "fans" figure a reality despite the set back of series 1. Most of the broken series 1 Bio-scan were returned to Palisades and the rest were given out to members who had pre-ordered the figures. With the second run, additional batch of Bio-scan Membros was also produced for the newer members who missed out on the initial offering.  Bio-scan Membros was cast in clear green plastic with glitter and made him one of a very few Micro to feature this glitter plastic. The correct version of Bio-scan came with yellow semi-translucent accessories while the error version came with clear green accessories (same as the body).  The correct versions were ship on the series 1.5 blister card from Radioactive Membros (which interestingly was the runner-up choice for the Embassy Exclusive).