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LED Powers Series : L-12 President AcroZenon & L-13 Machine AcroShadow (c.2000)

Package & Catalog

L-12 blister card

L-13 blister card

Each figure comes with Microman LED Powers catalog #2


Both L-12 AcroZenon and L-13 AcroShadow come with clear yellow bug-like energy pack.

AcroShadow also come with a pair of "Shin-missiles" that can be attach to his arms.

President AcroZenon & Machine AcroShadow

Takara released two additional Acroyears for the LED Powers series in April 2000.  The two new figures AcroZenon & AcroShadow are actually the repaints of the previous LaserAcroyers - AcroJekyls & AcroHyde.   President AcroZenon is a clear yellow AcroHyde but instead of half mechanical part the figure is now all organic part.  The head is the same as AcroHyde but is now all gold plated.  Machine AcroShadow is the opposite of AcroZenon, he is an all mechanical AcroJekyll with all chrome head.  Both figure come with clear yellow bug-like backpack.   Like the previous LaserAcroyers, these two Acroyears are actually the same character.   President AcroZenon, who is father of President LaserAcroyer (Jekyll & Hyde before the split), build Machine AcroShadow as his mechanical clone.  AcroShadow had not only all the power of AcroZenon but also his personality.

AcroZenon - "Evil Bloody Kaiser", the most savage and evil of all the president Acroyear to take this title.

President AcroZenon Story

After the arrival of MicroBoy and Master Microman LaserZed, the tide of war has turned to an advantage for the Microman.  AcroJekyll and AcroHyde now not only unable to win the LED Wars, are also being driven into difficult situation.

At that time, President AcroZenon, father of President Acroyear (Jekyll & Hyde), arrived to earth while chasing Master LaserSolomon.  President AcroZenon is the president of Acroyears who is the most evil and has the power many times that of AcroJekyll & AcroHyde combine.   AcroZenon took the mechanical side of AcroJekyll and build a clone of himself call Machine AcroShadow to hunt down LaserArthur.   The tide has now turn against the Microman...

AcroShadow -  "Savage Bloody Machine", a mechanical copy of AcroZenon, equally as cruel and powerful.