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1982 New Microman Series

Microman Armored Suit DX3 Bulsonic (Blue Type) with M009 Kenji (c.1982)



Microman Series



Microman Zone
First year included the Founder Microman, Micro Kit Machines and the Conning Tower.



Project Victory
Second year saw more Microman and several new sub series such as the Acroyears, Titans and Victory series.



Spy Magician

The line finally came into its own during the third year with new figures and the classic Microman Transfer Fortress.



A watershed year for Microman series, this year saw some of the best toys for the line. 



Police Keeper

Takara tried new design and direction for the series with the released of Hoodman and Arden. 



Rescue Team
Takara "rescue" attempt for the line with the Rescue Team Microman.  This year also saw updated of the old favorite like the New Tower Base.



Punch & Blizzard Man
The last year of the original series saw the shift in the line to more robot like look and larger figures.


New Microman Series



New Microman
Takara reset the line and re-launch the series under the New Microman banner.



Micro Robot
Micro Robot series became the main focus of the new line.  Takara also tried to cash in on the "pla-mo" popularity with Real Type and Micro Borg.



Micro Change
The "transformation" for Microman series began with the Micro Change series.




Takara continued with the successful Micro Change series but the changing of the guard was inevitable.





Microman Armored Suit DX Bulsonic was packaged in blue color box with painted artwork and clear die-cut windows. This style of package was common with most of the larger New Microman toys. By 1981, Takara had returned to using painted picture for box art and clear cellophane die-cut window to display the box content and toy colors.


For 1981 New Microman series, Takara began to release toys with alternate color scheme. The secondary color or alternate color for Bulsonic was the Red Type which is the red version of Bulsonic. In 1982, Takara also added third variants to most of the toys dubbed the "Real Type". The Real Type used the "realistic" color scheme for the toys in the case of the Bulsonic, the Real Type was military green. (Shown below - I actually found this picture of Real Type Bulsonic on one of Yahoo Japan auction. That was the only time I had ever seen the Real Type version up for sale).


Instruction & Sticker Sheet

Bulsonic came with instruction sheet insert. The toy also came with a sticker sheet. (not shown).


Microman Pilot Included

Microman Armored Suit DX3 Bulsonic comes packaged with Microman M009 Kenji. (M009 is reissued of Rescue Microman M27X Type from the Original series). By 1982 Takara began to release play-set and vehicles with special alternate color versions of the figure. In the case of Bulsonic, beside the alternate color version, the toy also comes in the "Real Type" version. The blue version of Bulsonic comes with yellow M009. The alternate color Red Type Bulsonic was packed with light blue color M009 Kenji and the Real Type Bulsonic came with dark green M009. (The dark green was also sold as individual sale figure in the capsule. The capsule versions have chest sticker which are often omitted from the pack-in versions).

One interesting note about yellow version of M009 Kenji is that the figure is not the same figure as M274 Carlton from the original series. M009 Kenji has a darker tone yellow color (similar to M262 Adam). Above is the picture showing the two side by side. Left is yellow M009 Kenji and the right one is M274 Carlton. Unlike the original series, each variant colors in New Microman do not represent another character but rather the same character in different color armors. 



Microman Armored Machine Cosmic Fighter was released to be companion set to Armored Suit DX3 Bulsonic. Part from the Cosmic Fighter can be interchange and combine with Bulsonic toy.



By late 1982, Takara start to promote "Real Type" and "Remodeling Project" series to tap into the new emerging market of pla-mo (plastic modeling hobby). The popularity of animation series such as Gundam, Macross and even Takara own Votoms series in which the mecha (robots and armored suit) are being portray as realistic fighting machines instead of fantastic have completely change the robot toys market. Takara scrambling to adapt Microman to this new changing scene had decided to include "plastic add-on kit" with several Microman toys so they can be kit-bash and "re-modeling" into realistic machines.

Bulsonic was no exception, Takara included extra landing gears and shield that can be used to make Bulsonic plane mode more realistic looking. (Most likely to capture the Macross looks).


Takara released Microman Armored Suit DX3 Bulsonic toys in January of 1983 as part of the 1982 New Microman series. Armored Suit DX3 is the third armored suit toys released for 1982 line up (the other two are Double Cannon and Galac Sniper). Bulsonic as the DX suffix in its name might have suggested, is the "deluxe" version of the armored suit. Not only is the suit larger than the previous two suits, it also has ability to transform into a jet. Takara release three version of Bulsonic, the Blue Type, standard version, the alternate color red version or Red Type and the newly added "Real Type" with military green color. Bulsonic has the distinction of being the last old school Microman toy release by Takara, since in 1983, Takara revamped the Microman series and introduce the Micro Change line which eventually became the Transformers series.




By 1982, the toy market in Japan was going through a dramatic change and Takara was struggling to adapt Microman to the new environment. The super combining robots play style was deem obsolete and childish with general public embracing the realistic looking robots and mecha. Takara decided to borrow from their own Votoms line, adapted armored suit theme to Microman series. Bulsonic is the largest of the three armored suit in 1982 line, the suit also has one interesting gimmick, the ability to transform into jet mode much like many of the popular mecha of the times. (Actually the Bulsonic toys remind me a lot of mecha from Genesis Climber Mospeda series, many of the mecha designer from that show also freelance as Takara designers). Bulsonic has a mixture of die-cast part and plastic parts with very nice design features such as smoke clear chest and face plate, spring-load missiles and self-contained transformation. Bulsonic also has the good old interchangeable feature and the toy is designed to interact with Cosmic Fighter toy. (Released also in 1982).



Bulsonic Jet Mode (Blue Type)



Armored Suit DX3 Bulsonic is probably one of the best toys to come out from the New Microman series. The toy not only has superb design that really define the period but it also one of the nicest looking toys to come out from the New Microman line. Bulsonic toy is quite hard to find and rarely show up on the collectible market. The rarity of this toy is probably due to the fact that it is actually a very cool looking piece, and that Bulsonic was in essence the last toy produce for 1982 New Microman line before Takara completely overhaul the series and introduced the all new series the Micro Change in 1983. Takara briefly attempted to pursuit the armored suit theme with the Real Microman series (a plastic model kits Microman line) but the series was abandoned when Micro Change and later the Transformers series became popular and Takara canceled Microman series in 1984.


Microman Armored Suits - Bulsonic (Blue Type) with Galac Sniper (Red Type) and Double Cannon (Blue Type)