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1976 Spy-Magician Acroyear Series - President Acroyear
A32X Type - A322 Satander & A323 Demon (c.1976)


A322 Satander

A323 Demon

 President Acroyear comes package in small box. Each box was unique to each member.

Back view of A322 Satander


Below is a close-up view of President Acroyear head.



President Acroyear Series was released during the second half of 1976.  President Acroyear or Kaiser Acroyear was the third Acroyear type and was given A32X designation.   Like the two previous Acroyears, President Acroyear's head, arms and legs were connected to the body via 5mm joints.  President Acroyear body was however made out of plastic and not die-cast like the previous two Acroyears.  Eash President Acroyear came with a race car that he can combined with to turn into transport mode.  (It actually involve removing his arms and snap him under the car).  The car can also be used as transport for the Acroyear Forces.


A322 Satander & A323 Demon

There were three different variations of President Acroyears - A321Devil, A322 Satander and A323 Demon.  (Not shown here is the A321 Devil.  He has a light blue color body).  President Acroyears had hollow chest that contain a BB ball inside which can be move around with magnet wand that comes with the car.  The chest BB was to simulated President Acroyear ultimate weapon - the Mag-Nite Chest Cannon.

President Acroyear was slightly taller than Acroyear 2.  President Acroyear head was very difference from the first two Acroyears.  His head look like he is wearing a winged headdress perhaps to symbolize his Kaiser status.

President Acroyear Car # 2. 

Note the magnetic wand on the connector.  Below is a picture of the combine President Acroyear and his race car.  Also note all the 5mm ports and pegs on the car.

President Acroyear Story

President Acroyear is the leader and general of Acroyear Corp.  He was revived under extreme polluted condition where his brain was severely mutated.  His body undergo massive transformation from pollution and PCB.  His evil and vicious functions were amplified ten times that of the Acroyear 1 & 2 combined.

President Acroyears were later severely damaged and were revived by Ardens.  Ardens reconstructed President Acroyear into Amazon Commanders (sometimes call President Amazon).

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President Acroyear Car #3