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1975 Project Victory

1976 MAT & SPY

1975-76 Original Microman

Acroyear 2 - A311 Mad Pink, A312 Mad Green and A313 Mad Blue (c.1975)

A31X Type (M31X)



Each Acroyear 2 came with Acro-Blade (matching color) and white Spy-Bird.

Takara released the Acroyear 2 toward the end of 1975.  Acroyear 2 was the second series Acroyear to be released by Takara.  Like the first Acroyear A30X, Acroyear 2 featured die-cast metal body and there were originally designated as M-31X Type.  Acroyear 2 came with several accessories including the giant wing pack with fan blades on each side.   While, Acroyear 2 was constructed in the similar fashion as Acroyear 1, it was much more stable due to the big roller feet and the torso and pelvic parts were connected as a single piece.

Acroyear 2 - A311 Mad Pink

Acroyear 2 Flight Mode

Acroyear 2 - A312 Mad Green

Acroyear 2 retained some of the basic look of the first Acroyear such as the head design and mechanical looking limbs.  The hands however were replaced by two pincher like claw (which by the way are 5mm in size) and allowed them to hold weapon - the Acro-Blade.   Acroyear 2 had chrome color chest plated which matched the head, the sword and the fan wheels.   Acroyear 2 also came with small wing call Spy Bird.  The Spy Bird formed rear stabilizer and wings when Acroyear 2 transformed into flight mode.   The transformation of Acroyear 2 was much more self contain than the first Acroyear roller mode. 

Acroyear 2 were sold in orange color window box, similar to Acroyear 1 package. Takara released three variants of Acroyear 2 - A311 Mad Pink, A312 Mad Green and A313 Mad Blue.  All three Acroyear 2s shared the same basic body color with white torso, black limbs and white feet and only differed by their chrome parts. Their names, of course, corresponded to the color of their chrome chest and heads.   When Mego licensed Microman in 1976 and released them as Micronauts,  Acroyear 2 series was released as Acroyear.  (Mego switch the order of the two Acroyears and Acroyear 1 became Mego Micronauts Acroyear 2).  Mego version used mold copy from Takara and they were very similar, however, Mego versions had much paler chrome colors than Takara versions.  (See sidebar)

Acroyear 2 Story

Acroyear 2, liked the first Acroyear, were Microman whose crystal capsule landed in polluted environment of Earth.  Their life support capsule became damaged when the PCB and other pollutants enter the crystal.  Their body began to evolve into vicious mechanical being, and their minds became mad.

A311 Mad Pink - revived in the polluted New York City.  Mind became homicidal due to breathing in exhaust fume.  Enjoy trampling and rampant destruction.

 A312 Mad Green - revived near factory in Seito area of Japan.  Genius like brain that became evil.  He was, at one time the leader of Acroyears, before the arrival of President Acroyears.  He retained knowledge of weapon technology from his former self as a Microman.

A313 Mad Blue - revived near Liverpool England.  Became unstoppable when angry.

Back view & 5mm port

Acroyear 2 had 5mm port in the back.  His feet had big steam roller-like wheels.

Micronauts Versions

Mego sold Acroyear 2 as Micronauts Acroyear. The figures were packaged on blister card like all the other Micronauts figures.

Mego version of Acroyear 2 had paler chrome color than the Microman counterpart.  Above note the stark difference between Microman version on the left and Mego version on the right of the pink Acroyear 2.  The same were also true for the green and blue Acroyears.  Microman Acroyear 2 had a much richer chrome colors.