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Excerpts from Neko Mook Quanto Zero One Microman 2004 Perfect Book as translated by Tomoyoshi Araki  (Part 2)









1. Born of Micro-Cell 

2. Micro-Humanoids



3. Micro Force First Mission

4. Acroyear-X







Dr. Silver on the run with Micro Force chasing him, so begin the final countdown for catastrophe!!


#20 Accident at Dr. Silver's hideout.

Dr. Burns finally found the location of Dr. Silver's secret hideout near the mountainous region of Mexico, using M.I.C.R. Master Computer. Micro Force head out to capture Dr. Silver. Upon arriving at the destination, they found small lab. "We found it" say Commander Microman. They had their weapons at ready but they intended only to threaten Dr. Silver and not to do battle. Dr. Burns has hoped that Dr. Silver could be captured. Micro Force's Mission objective was to capture him alive.  Micro Force entered the small lab. They found many traps design specifically for Micro-Humanoids. This mean Dr. Silvers expected Micro-Humanoids to come to this hide-out. Micro Force cleared out all the traps and enter. Commander Microman said "Here we go..." Then there was suddenly a big explosion. The lab and everything in it became just cinders and ashes. 


Many days later M.I.C.R. team arrived including Dr. Burns. However, they could not find any data, sample of Micro-Cell in the lab or remains of Micro Force and Dr. Silver.


#21 The Terrible Winter

30 years later ...after the Mexico incident. New viral disease appear all around the world. There are no special symptom, when infected, the subject just die. The disease became like the Black Plaque in Medieval times.


WHO (World Health Organization) had requested M.I.C.R. to inspect the new virus. M.I.C.R. send researcher to the infected area. He saw many destructions in the area but no sign of virus....The infected area was a city in Asia, there he encountered severe damages such as breakdown roads, fallen buildings and cultural destruction. The searcher assumed the destruction was secondary effect of the virus as result from mass hysteria and panic, but then they appeared in front of him - 4 inches in height (10cm) , 4 Unknown Living Things with unknown name and unknown powers. The Red one spoke in low human voice " Acroyear-X ".


Several hours passed, and the researcher became sick with the new disease. After 72 hours, he died. His last transmission ..." I saw unbelievable living things. Acroyear-X! Oh Dear God! Do we have any chance of survival?"


WHO named this killer virus "Acro-Virus", they came to conclusion that the carrier of the virus must be the four Unidentified Living Things (U.L.T.)


#22 The Acro-Virus!

(This section was very hard to translate due to many technical words). Acro-Virus was a kind of retro-virus constitute by RNA of Acroyear-X. The virus was made inside the body of Acroyear-X. Normally, the virus was spread by air but there could be other mean of infection. The virus main feature is that it has no symptom. A genetic test must be done on a decease subject to determine if he or she was actually infected by the Acro-Virus. Currently there is no known incubation period and there is no primary cure. The dead-rate for those infected is at 98.3%! 


#23 The Infected Zones

Infected area of Acro-Virus are giving zone letter code.

Alabama S area in USA

Brazil G area in South America

Marseille A area in France

China F City area in Asia

Also in Egypt and Middle-East and some areas are in dispute!



(Note : There are a lot of miss numbering sections in this book. This section was numbered as "Section 3" when it should have been 4)


#24 Parasite Armors

One main difference between the Acroyear-X and Microman is the armors. Acroyear-X armors are actually organic in nature. The Acroyear-X armor are actually living parasite that feed off Acroyear-X body. The parasite armor technology was the creation of Dr. Silver, but the parasite is the one that actually created the armors and equipments. There is one exception, Acro-Voltech. His armors was engineered by Dr. Silver, the rest of Acroyear-X armors were made by the parasite.


#25 Chest Seal Circuitry

Acroyear-X, like their Microman counterpart, had breast or chest seal that actually contain computer circuitry. However, unlike Micro-humanoids where the circuitry only used for memory, communication and identification, the Acroyear-X actually contain CPU that regulate and control their powers! They, of course, also has circuit for communication with one another like Microman.


#26 Acro-Tech Body Skin

Like Microman, Acroyear-X shared the same "Micro-Tech Skin" technology used to cover the Micro-humanoids body. The artificial skin is coated with neurons fiber for sense and Hyper Crystal Resin for protection.


#27 Acroyear-X Characteristic

The four Acroyear-X is Dr. Silver's finest creation thus far. Each Acroyear-X has special power and ability.  One unique characteristic that really set them apart from Microman was that they each has their own unique forms of Acro-Virus strains. It is the Acro-Virus that actually determined their powers and forms.


#28 Ability of Parasitic Micro-Humanoids!

One of the main power of Acro-Virus is the ability to "transform" shape and act as "power catalyst" for Micro-Humanoids!


Acro-Scorl has virus that was created from fossil of dinosaur.

Acro-Cleve has virus that was created from Egyptian mummies.

Acro-Voltech has virus that was created from electric charge animals. (eel)

Acro-Biom has virus that was created from poisonous animals.


The virus melded with their RNA code which then generated the Acro-Virus. The virus alter the brain of Acroyear-X and became parasite to their brains.


#29 Brain of Acroyear-X

Like Microman, Acroyear-X brain also has amazing IQ, but the Acro-Virus parasite to their brain caused them to lost all common sense and humanistic. They were reborn with evil and malevolent nature.  Acro-Voltech has an error when he was created and he was the only one that was born without personality. The personality is the foundation of Micro-Humanoids, and without it, is great triumph for making Micro-Terrorist!


#30 Increase Size Capability?!!?

M.I.C.R suspected that Acroyear-X have unique ability that allow them to grow 18 times (18X) their normal size. (They became the same size as human). However, they can not stay in this large size for long period of time as it increase the rate of their metabolism and they became slow and require rest. This theory is not confirm!


#31 Instability of Acroyear-X

So with the Acro-Virus power, does this make them the perfect terror weapons? Fortunately the answer is "no", this is because they have one weakness - the Acro-Virus!  The source that gave them great power also made them very unstable. To keep the Acro-Virus inside their bodies in check, they must spend their time inside the capsules made by Dr. Silver. Without this "cure" by Dr. Silver, they will be unable to control the Acro-Virus in their body.


Acroyear-X goal is to capture Microman and then by analyzing the body of Microman they will be able to create perfect Acroyear. If that was to happen would spell the end of the world!


#32 Acroyear-X Fighting Style

Fighting style of Acroyear-X is very unique. Their technique appear to be combination of existing fighting technique such as kick-boxing, sumo and other martial art style that they have combined together and created their own special and deadly fighting style!


#33 Micro-Humanoid Data Base 2 (SECTION 5)

The mutant military "Acroyear X" was created by Dr. Silver for aggression and destruction. They are the same Micro-humanoid like M.I.C.R Microman but they have their own unique Acro-Virus in their body.


#34 AX-11 Acro-Scorl

The worst of the four Acroyear-X and the leader of the group. He is able to destroy everything with his 2nd hand - the "Scorl-Bone". By stabbing the Scrol Bone to the ground he can make devastating earthquake.


Battle Style : original form of martial art

Blood Type : RR-

Equipment : Scorl-Bone, Acro-Stick and Mad-Breaster Armor.


#35 AX-12 Acro-Cleve

He is reticence and marvelous mission planner with the used of his Psychic Power and Psychic Magic. He hated being unfair to opponent and sometime take solo action. He can fly with Acro-Wings. He also has small wyvern "Acro-Dragon" that is actually part of his body.


Battle Style : psychic power and psychic wave

Blood Type : nRO

Equipment : Acro-Wings and Acro-Dragon.


#36 AX-13 Acro-Voltech

He has unusual brain and made him the ultimate code cracker. His specially design armor can stored one million volts of electricity that he can used as electric shock attack and deadly micro-wave attack. The micro-wave attack can disabled any electric power machine. He is also a mad scientist.


Battle Style : sumo-style

Blood Type : nRA+

Equipment : Voltech Armor, Volt-Spark and Magnet Spike. His equipment set was created by Dr. Silver.


#37 AX-14 Acro-Biome

He has snake's poisons running through his body. He can separate his head from his body and still control both sections. He hates anything that is beautiful and when he sees beautiful things he want to destroy them.


Battle Style : kick-boxing

Blood Type : nRB-

Equipment : Acro-Fang, Acro-Pike, Poison-Shield and Acro-Tail.



#94 AX-04 (ST) Stealth-Biome

This is second form of Acro-Biome. In this form, the Acro-Tail has double the normal length.  In this form he is able to control the light refraction of his body cell and he can became invisible. In this mode, he is like a silent hunter prowling through his favorite playground.