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1981-84 Transformation

NEW MICROMAN (Year 8-11)

In 1981, Takara decided to "reset" Microman line to attract younger generations and rejuvenated Microman line. The first year of the New Microman, Takara released 10 Microman figures, each were a recolor and renamed version of various Microman from the original line complete with new story. Takara basically "erased" Microman history and replaced with a more streamline one. Takara realized that market for Microman figures were not as strong, to cut cost and simplified the production, Takara then redesigned each New Microman with simple "M-00X". All the same type of Microman had the same designation number even if they were released with different color scheme. A few of the New Microman were later released as vehicles "exclusives" color and had a different color than those marketed individually but they shared to same name and designation. 

Takara also introduced new type of Microman figure call Micro Robot.  The new Micro Robots were nothing like the old series Micro Robot, these new robots were miniaturized version of mecha type robots with ability to transform themselves into vehicles or weapon platform for the New Microman.  The new Micro Robot was signaling the shift from Microman cyborg to living robot concept.  Micro Robot would became a foundation for the later Micro Change Series which would eventually became Transformers.  The first year Takara also introduced a brand new design of Acroyear, simply named the New Acroyear.

The concentration for the second year was the new MicroBorg. These were a "replacement" for the Titan. They were interchangeable with their "plastic model kit" sidekick figures. MicroBorg were not very popular and only three were released. This year also see Takara attempted to merge the Microman line with plastic model kit that were beginning to gain in popularity among kids and young adults. They provided "colorization" scheme and instructions on how to paint the Microman toys to be more "model like" and they also released the "Remodeling Kit" series, a plastic kit version of the Battle Suit. This year Takara, also introduced "real type" MicroRobot and vehicles, a repaint version of the toys with more tone down colors to follow the new emerging trend of portraying the "mecha" in a more "realistic" way much like the popular shows of the time - Macross and Gundum.  This year Takara also introduced several more addition to Micro Robot line including combiner type call Micro Robot V.

The third year Takara, introduced new type of Microman toys called Micro Change. These were ordinary objects that could "transform" into robots to fight along side Microman. Takara also released the last of the New Microman - 011 Salem (a repaint Command2 M16X) in several variety of colors. Little did Takara know they had struck something big that would forever change not only Microman future but the future of both Japanese and American robot toys. The Micro Change series proved to be quite popular but ironically their popularity would soon bring about the end of Microman line. 

Back in 1981 Takara also introduced a new series a Microman spin off line call Diaclone.  Diaclone was basically Microman toys scale down even further (at one time it was call "inch-man".)   Diaclone was a line of toys based on mini-scale figures that look a lot like Microman. (They have chrome head and magnetic feet) They piloted giant robots that can turn into futuristic vehicles and bases against evil alien Waruders who piloted insect-like robot.  In 1983 around the time of Micro Change, Takara introduced the concept of real world object that can transform into robot into Diaclone line.   This time the toys were 1:50 scale car that turn into robots and piloted by Diaclone figures.  The line was call Diaclone - Car Robot.  Takara released several more Micro Change in 1984 along with a last ditch effort to rejuvenated Microman line with the introduction of new plastic model kit Microman series called  the Real Microman.  In late 1984, an American toy company call Hasbro (ironically who owned the licensed to Henshin Cyborg body  - Combat Joe), licensed part of Microman Micro Change Series and Diaclone Car Robot Series and marketed them together as the Transformers More than Meet the Eyes.  Takara "re-imported" the Transformers concept back to Japan and it proved to be quite a success they were looking for.  By 1985, Transformers Super Robot Life line was in full swing and Takara decided to terminate Microman line due to confusion with the Transformers line (which also had the same toys) and also because of declining sales and popularity. (Diaclone series was also cancel that year)  Microman legacy continue to live on in the Transformers toys line, which are still being marketed today as the BeastWars.   It would be over 20 years later since the first Microman-Zone that Microman toys would again be marketed by Takara.  The new line call Magne Power made its debut in December of 1998 along with reissue series call Replica Microman. 

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New Microman  
M-001 Aromu

M-002 Iriya

M-003 Uri

M-004 Eiji

M-005 Oruga

M-006 Kamui

M-007 Kiruku

M-008 Cleo

M-009 Kenji

M-010 Corona

M-011 Saram

01 Cosmo Inazuma (Red MicroBorg)
02 Cosmo Plasma (Blue MicroBorg)
03 Cosmo Spark (Green MicroBorg)

New Acroyear 
New Acroyear


New Micro Robot
Micro Ridor with M004 Eiji


Micro Gander-3

Magma Gander with M006 Kamui

Air Gander with M007 Kiruku

Cosmo Gander M008 Cleo

Micro Gander - 3 Box Set with M006 Kamui


Micro Robot 1-2-3

Micro Robot 1 R1 Gordon (red type, green type & blue type)

Micro Robot 2 R2 Galac (red type, green type & blue type)
Micro Robot 3 R3 Flash (red type, green type & blue type)

Micro Robot 1-2-3 Box Set


Real Type Micro Robot 1 R1 Gordon (Street, Mountain & Forest)

Real Type Micro Robot 1 R2 Galac (Street, Mountain & Forest)

Real Type Micro Robot 1 R3 Flash (Street, Mountain & Forest)


Micro Robot V  

R4 Micro Python
R5 Micro Randal
R6 Micro Bazooka       

R7 Micro Muzzle
R8 Micro Magnum

Micro Robot V R4-R8 Box Set

Real Type Micro Robot V R4-R8 Box Set


Micro Robot W-2 

R9 Hurricane (Red Type, Blue Type & Green Type)

R10 Typhoon (Red Type, Blue Type & Green Type)

R11 Cyclone (Red Type, Blue Type & Green Type)

Micro Robot W R9-R11 Box Set


Micro Robot 7

Three Walker Box Set with M002 Iriya (orange)

(R12 Micro Ranger,R13 Micro Centurion & R14 Micro Guyana)


Four Walker Box Set with M003 Uri (dark blue)

(R15 Micro Leone, R16 Micro Savanna, R17 Micro Toledo & R18 Micro Pulsar)


7-2-1 Formation Box Set (R12-R18) with M004 Eiji (black)


Armored Suits/Armored Machine  
Mighty Suits Series

Battle Suit - Mighty Suit 1 with M002

Battle Suit - Mighty Suit 2 with M003

Battle Suit - Mighty Suit 3 with M005

Armored Suits Series

Armored Suit - Galac Sniper with M004 (Red Type & Blue Type)

Armored Suit - Double Cannon with M005 (Red Type & Blue Type)


Armored Suit DX - BulSonic with M009 (Red Type, Blue Type & Real Type) 
Armored Machine - Cosmic Fighters with M008 


Remodeling Project

Mighty Suits model kits 1, 2 & 3


Real Microman Series

Bio-mechanic Suit BS01 & BS02 with Hyper Microman

Micro Change
MC-01 MicroCassette Robo - Micross
MC-02 MicroCassette Robo - Jaguar (Blue Type & Black Type)
MC-03 MicroCassette Robo - Condor (Orange Type & Red Type)
MC-04 MiniCAR Robo (7 difference car types)
MC-05 Camera Robo - MICROX
MC-06 Watch Robo
MC-07 Gun Robo M1910                  
MC-08 Cassette Machine - Battle Bike with M011 Saram
MC-09 Cassette Machine - Jet Heli with M011 Saram
MC-10 Cassette Man with MC-01 Micross (Red Type)
MC-11 Gun Robo S&W 44 Magnum
MC-12 Gun Robo Walther P-38 (Black Type & Silver Type)
MC-13 Gun Robo Walther P-38 UNCLE Special
MC-14 Shooting Star Robo - Metal Man (Gold Type & Silver Type)
MC-15 Shooting Star Robo - Metal Leo (Gold Type & Silver Type)
MC-16 Shooting Star Robo - Metal Hawk (Gold Type & Silver Type)
MC-17 Lock Robo - Dial Man
MC-18 Lock Robo - Magne Man
MC-19 Binocular Robo - Scope Man
MC-20 Microscope Robo - Micro-Scope
MC-21 Radi-Cassette Robo - Sound Fighter (Red Type & Blue Type)